Friday, September 12, 2008

directorios en linux

encontré un articulo interesante sobre los dintintos directorio "estándar" en una instalacion linux..

aqui va un extracto de:

If you look at the Linux file hierarchy, you find the following :
  • /bin - common binaries
  • /sbin - Binaries used for system administration are placed here.
  • /boot - static files of the boot loader. Usually it contain the Linux kernel, Grub boot loader files and so on.
  • /dev - device files such as your CD drive, hard disk, and any other physical device. (In Linux/Unix, the common premise is that everything is a file).
  • /home - user home directories are found here. In unices like FreeBSD, the home directories are found in /usr/home. And in Solaris it is in /export. So quite a big difference here.
  • /lib - Essential shared libraries and kernel modules
  • /mnt - temporary mount point useful for when you insert your USB stick and it gets mounted under /mnt. Though in Ubuntu and the likes, it is usually mounted under /media.
  • /var - variable data, such as logs, news, mail spool files and so on which is constantly being modified by various programs running on your system.
  • /tmp - temporary files are placed here by default.
  • /usr - the secondary hierarchy which contain its own bin and sbin sub-directories.
  • /etc - Usually contain the configuration files for all the programs that run on your Linux/Unix system.
  • /opt - Third party application packages which does not conform to the standard Linux file hierarchy can be installed here.
  • /srv - Contains data for services provided by the system.
And of course there is the /proc directory which does not actually reside on the disk.

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